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Your Master Plan – Help

Your Master Plan – Help

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This section will grow so please make sure to check back if you have a question and haven’t been back in a while.

I’d like to edit The Master Plan to better suit my needs. Is that ok?

Please go ahead and change anything you like. The Master Plan is a suggestion and different people have different preferences on how they like to plan and track progress. The important thing is that you do have a framework around how you work and track what works and what doesn’t.

I dislike planning or being constrained. Do I really need to plan out my weeks and track everything?

I personally also am not keen on being tied down to doing certain things at certain times. From personal experience I’ve found that having some structure and planning means that you can keep your ‘work’ life from overflowing into your personal life and a certain amount of planning gives you freedom. Knowing that you have mapped out what you need to get done this week means you are free to do whatever you want the rest of the time. If you just work more and more and cover more items on your to do list without planning what is really necessary you will find you’ll spend more and more time working and potentially start to resent your business.

Everyone is different, but I highly recommend experimenting with a weekly plan at least and definitely track your results.