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Get Leads – Help

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This section will grow so please make sure to check back if you have a question and haven’t been back in a while.

I have a lot of time on my hands, can I choose more lead generation strategies?

If you have more time then yes, feel free to choose a couple of extra strategies. Just make sure you are not trying to do everything and not doing any of it effectively. The idea is to concentrate on what works. In the next building stage – Master Plan I’ll be showing you how to track your progress so you can make sure what you are spending your time on is yielding results.

My website isn’t ready yet. Can I just keep using the strategies  I did in Building Stage 5 to get clients?

Of course! Do what works. Just make sure you are not burning out the same groups of people as then it will slowly stop working after a while.

I have already asked my list/social media following if they would like a free strategy session. I feel like I can’t keep saying the same thing, what should I do?

It’s important to try different angles. Some angles hit home and some just fall flat and sometimes you don’t know what will land until you try it.

You can try different ones and send people to the same link. You just literally name it something else. I would also recommend trying different images. You can also vary the number of session and add urgency by being clear they are this week.

I’ve done this weekly and just called them something different. Your job right now is to try as many different ways as you can think of to get people talking to you until you figure out what is working. You can absolutely most definitely offer them more than once a month. You just have to mix it up.

Here are some of the things I’ve tried:

Business Idea Breakthrough Session – Worked well.
Business Idea Clarity Session – Worked better, less pressure for people.
Offer Review – Lots of bookings, not many sales.
Business Idea Review – people were terrified (that I would have a negative opinion) but showed and bought.
Explosive Business Growth Session – worked okay, was a bit generic from a messaging point of view
Find Your Niche Session – too high pressure for me.

Often it’s about finding messaging for the session that appeals to people. Experiment with how you are framing the sessions as well as where you are offering them. Have a look through the 15 Ways to Get Sales Conversations Resource as well to support you.

How long does it take for lead generation to start working so I can start getting clients?

The answer to this question depends on which lead generation strategies you decide to use. Longer term strategies like blogging, podcasting take more time because what you are doing is building your own platform. Shorter term strategies like getting interviewed on someone else’s podcast, posting in an existing group, or speaking at someone else’s events can be much quicker because you are leveraging off of someone else’s audience. The audience is already there, you are putting yourself in front of them.

For this reason I recommend using a mix of short and long term strategies, so you are leveraging off of other people’s platforms as well as building your own.

It is possible to get clients within a couple of days if you get in front of someone else’s audience. Generally speaking though I find it takes a few months to be able to generate client business regularly. So don’t worry if it’s slow at first. I find it is patchy at first and then you start to build momentum.